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  As soon as you walk through our front door, you'll notice we're not your typical auto shop. Not only do we offer technical capabilities often only found in dealerships, but we offer decades of experience in customer service. We understand that the decision to own an imported vehicle was made because you value both excellence in performance and comfort in design. At Import Autoworks, we aim to match those same expectations in the services we offer. From our clean and well appointed facility to our experienced highly trained staff who are always available to answer your questions, you can expect the same high standards you value in your vehicle to be present when the time comes for service or repair.

 Our company was founded on these principles by Jason and Nikki Farmer, both industry veterans who have specialized in imported vehicles from the start of their careers. Having owned and operated European and Asian repair centers in both Colorado and Texas, they are no strangers to the business. And in 2007, a love of family brought them home to Tennessee. Nikki, a Clarksville native, took a position with a luxury European dealership in Franklin, and Jason found success at an independent European specialty shop in Nashville. In these positions, they were both able to gain valuable experience and a keen understanding of the successes and failures of the regional auto service industry. It wasn't long though before their deep ties to the Clarksville community, their love of motorcycles, and their continued involvement in a local organization benefiting children's charities, brought them all the way back home to Clarksville. This time, bringing a lifetime of experience and know-how with them with the goal of continued service to their community and the sustainability to once and for all, call Clarksville their forever home.

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